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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hai...saya kembali lagi menulis...ntah kenapa rasa byk sgt nak kongsi ngn korang..tp tatau la ade org baca ke tak...kakakakaka...ntah² perasan sorang² je ni tulis belog. Tapi x pe janji saya rasa dah ringan beban dlm jantong ni..klu tak tu berdegup² x hengat sampai sakit la rasanya..penat pon ada..

Ok²...kali ni nak kongsi ngn korang barang² yang da lama saya nak beli...byk tau....tp ntah boleh ke tak beli sekali gus...mampos koyak poket aku...


Saya nak beli sbb PC Desktop kat umah x de webcam..so susah nak wat video ntah pape. Harga utk webcam ni mahal skit. Harag dia USD99.99 = RM tak tau korang convert sendiri eh. Tp best benda sbb Full HD, klu nak tau detail korang klik kat sini LOGITECH.
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

Record video at stunning Full HD 1080p. Make video calls in fluid HD 720p. And crystal clear stereo audio with two microphones - one on either side of the lens. All this heavy duty technology fits in a streamlined profile just 25mm thick.  Record in Full HD 1080p

Keep everyone up to date with breathtaking Full HD 1080p video recording.

Logitech HD Webcam C510

A webcam with fold-and-go design for portable HD video recording and calling. It easily fits in your bag or even pocket and doesn’t sacrifice performance to do so - featuring full 720p video calls. And it swivels a full 360-degrees so you can show more of your surroundings
 Logitech HD Webcam C310

This affordable webcam still features 720p HD video recording, as well as crisp, clear 5-megapixel photos that are quick and easy to share. And as with every Logitech HD webcam, you can say goodbye to background noise and poorly backlit settings
Yang ni lak harga dia USD49.99
Philips Wireless Headphone SBCHC210
IR wireless

Surround Sound
Full-size rechargeable infrared cordless headphone with SRS Headphone Surround Sound.

You'll forget you're wearing them!
•Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use.
•Self adjusting inner headband ensures a comfortable fit

The perfect wireless listening experience
•SRS Headphone surround sound experience for headphones
•High-frequency RF ensures clear and sharp reception
•ALC helps prevent audible distortion of input signals

Always ready to go
•IR wireless transmission provides freedom of movement
•Reduces costs by using rechargeable batteries
•The transmitter is on automatically upon receiving a signal
Wireless Headphone SBCHC210/00

Specifications Product highlights

•Acoustic system: Closed
•Frequency response: 18 - 20 000 Hz
•Magnet type: Ferrite
•Sensitivity: 108 dB
•Speaker diameter: 32 mm

•Channel separation: > 30 dB
•Effective range: 7 m
•Carrier frequency range: 2.3 MHz (L) - 2.8 MHz (R)
•Modulation: FM

•Operating time: +/- 15 hours

•Power supply headphone: 2 x 1.5 V NiMH R03/AAA
•Power supply transmitter: AC/DC adapter 12V/200mA

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.


Lightweight design

The durable, lightweight quality materials enhance comfort for extended wearing.

Self adjusting inner headband

The inner headband makes it easy to obtain a perfect fit for your head. The mechanism adjusts automatically for comfort.

SRS headphone

With SRS Headphone, you experience sound from all around you, making this headphone more enjoyable for endless hours of entertainment.

High-frequency modulation

Using very high frequency modulation(RF) for the transmission link ensures sharp clear reception.

Automatic Level Control (ALC)

This smart electronic circuit ensures that the audio input level is automatically adjusted to the right level, preventing distortion and preserving your listening enjoyment.

IR wireless transmission

IR wireless transmission allows you to be free from the hassles of cables.

Rechargeable system

The headphone set incorporates facilities for recharging the batteries.

Auto power on/off transmitter

Put your headphones on, play the music and the transmitter automatically switches on. It senses the presense of an input signal and ensures the link is only operational when one is present. You don't have to worry about switching it on or off.

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