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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Copy From Hannah Talent

Date : 16 January 2010
Venue :Tasik Perdana
Time :9am-9pm

Hye Future Talents!

Congrats to all of you coz trying to make the best effort for yourself!

Thank you for your cooperation on that day.hopefully you will learn something from it.Below are few pictures of the talents who joining us.For talents please be alert of your code no (HT00xxx).Our potential client who eager to take our model and talent for their project will need to inform us only by coding no.Thank You!

Hehe...mummy masa ni pose memain je..tak sangka dorang letak pic ni..bedal je la

HT0009 - dat my code no. okeh
(masa ni dah nak senja)

kat bawah ni...semua kawan mummy yg last skali shoot smp mlm...

Ayu : HT0010

Athirah : HT0011

Eliza : HT0015


E.L.I.Z.A said...

tu dia..xpasal2 riri tumpang glamer models oppss model ke kita wakakakak..model-to-be aci tak? heheh

mommie nard said...

hehe...blsh jer....
ade can tu..

Pink dan Biru said...

hi gorgeous mom!
come visit our little shop
see ya!

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